Changjiang Zhongyuan Rigging Company

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Changjiang Zhongyuan Rigging Company is the professional rigging manufacturer, which was established in 1982, the company has engaged in machine and rigging manufacture for more than twenty years. Besides strong technical personnel and advanced manufacturing technique, we also own reliable products development system and self- contained quality assurance system. By right of the fine quality and perfect service, wide acceptance and support has gained from all circles.
    In China, our main customers are big oil plants, dockyards, iron and steel plants, chemical plants, coal mines, railway stations, docks, harbor authority, gymnasiums etc.
    Changjiang Zhongyuan Rigging Company mainly produces: Steel Wire Rope Press Machine, Steel Wire Rope Inserting Looping Machine, Tensile Testing Machine,Synthon Lifting Belt, Armor Plate Hoisting Tongs, Series of Riggings and Hanging Beam. The company carries on the processes of steel wire rope press and inserting looping, non-tie-in bight, and steel fibre.In the sales, we keep the customers as the center and aims to service the whole world. In order to offer the service to our customers exactly and rapidly, in management we put a high value on qualified personnel and call for unite and high efficiency styles, in the production we keep improving.
    The engineering staff of Changjiang Zhongyuan Rigging Company can design satisfying products according to the customers’ demand, and will try their best to offer convenient and rapid service.
    Vast falling leaves drop out rustling, no end Changjiang River arrives with great surge.
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Xushui County, Hebei Province, P.R. China [072556]
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