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Changzhou Changcheng Energy Engineering CO.,LTD. is a professional factory on the production of energy saving and environmental protection products,an earliest and largest organic carrier heating furnace designer and manufacturer in China.Founded in 1983,after the effort of more than 20 years,the company can produce four groups of products,i.e.heat carrier furnace(organic heat carrier furnace,fused salt furnace,hot air furnace, combustion furnace);first and second grade pressure vessels;chemical industry instrument;industrial and daily use aluminum products.As a backbone enterprise in Changzhou with sales revenue over RMB hundred million Yuan,the company has been honored with many titles in state,provincial and ministerial level.

    Changzhou Changcheng Energy Engineering CO.,LTD.pays much attention to technical development and persists in the policy”Developing the company with technology”.The company has become continuously the high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province for many years.Various kind of professional technical personnel takes 30% of total staff members,70 of them are senior engineers.The technology research institute of the company is most creative in the trade and more than 40 technical personnel inside can develop the products with pertinence so as to ensure a high quality of the products.The heating furnace of “Changcheng” brand is successively honored with the titles of national quality silver prize and Jiangsu famous brand product.As the symbol of strength,the company is the drafting unit of the national standard GB/T17410-1998 ”organic heat carrier furnace” and trade standard CB/T3954-2002 ”ship-use heat oil furnace” and ”rules on safety and technology supervision of organic heat carrier furnace”.

The company can design and manufacture not only four series and more than 80 types of heat carrier furnaces, i.e.with coal, oil, gas, electricity as fuel, with a capacity from 2 to 3000 ten thousand Kcal./hour, but also the special industrial furnace and combustion furnace with a temperature higher than 350℃,and different circulation medium, such as fused salt furnace, hot air furnace for hot workmanship purpose ”Changcheng” series heat carrier furnaces are not only sold well in all over mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and but also exported to Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Viet Nam, Bangladesh etc.

The objectives of ”Sincere management,technology innovation,uniting industriously,struggling hard to keep forward”represent constant self-improvement spirit of the company.The aim of the company is to make a new contribution to the energy saving and environmental protection industry of our country.

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No 1,The new power starts an undertaking the center,Qingyang Road,Tianning economic development zone,Changzou,Jiangsu[213002]
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