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Changzhou Environment & Energy (E&E) Turbo-Power Company Ltd.  is a specialized company engaged in manufacturing turbocharger & turbo, the replacement/performance parts for turbo, and the engine parts for engineering machine (automobile, ship, train, and  jet engine). Our company  is seated in the Changzhou city of China, which is between the Shanghai-Nanjing Thruway and Shanghai-Nanjing Railway.
Our company was set up in 2002 by Doctor Qichu Zhang who is a famous energy expert and a senior researcher of the University of Sydney in Australia. The general manager Ms. Pei Lamei is a famous specialist in turbocharger in China. There are plenty of experts in gas turbine engine and turbocharger. Now, There  are 40 employees in our company and we have mechanical equipment more than 30, such as precision NC lathes, high precision grinding machines, optics grinders, and balance machines.
The produces of our company  have been exported to America, Europe and Southeast Asia. For the domestic commerce (in China), we  have close cooperation with many turbocharger manufacturers and have already produced more than 60 kinds of parts. Our company have the capacity of manufacturing the turbocharger  parts 100 thousand per year.

Turbocharger and turbo parts :
(1) We supply the turbo mainly used for 3-12 cylinder diesel engines, including Garrett/Holset/KKK/IHI/MHI/Toyota/Komatsu/Cummins ,TB25/TB28/TB31/T3/TA34/TB34/TBP4/TA45/T04B/T04E/H1C/H1E/HX35/HX40/HC5A/H2C/H2D/RHE6/RHC6/RHE4/TD04/TF035/CT26/K03/K27/K28/K29 Now, we have already developed a kind of mini-turbocharger for 3-cylinders diesel whose rotating speed can be reached more than 200 thousands rpm.

(2) We supply turbo rotational parts, including turbine wheel & shaft assembly, compressor wheel & rotor assembly and CHRAs.

(3) We supply other turbo parts, including bearing housing(central housing), seal plate(back plate), compressor housing, turbine housing, thrust bearing, float bearing, thrust collar & spacer, piston ring, locknut and repair kits.

(4) We supply the accessory for turbo, such as intercooler, wastegate, BOV(blow of valve), oil catch tank, air filter, fule pressure regulator and so on.

(5) We can also produce the parts according to the samples supplied by the customers.

Middle/small/micro aero & industry gas turbine engine parts:
We supply centrifugal compressor impeller and axial turbine rotor for air /ship/locomotive turbo engine, including turbine and compressor (blades and disk), shaft, housing, nozzle and so on.

Dry leak detector:
We have manufactured many kinds of dry leak detectors used on auto engine shell and pipe accessory for Nanjing Iveco and Shanghai-Dazhong/FAW-Dazhong, such as absolute pressure/ difference pressure, dry/ dry and water combination type(diagnose leak position), relay control/computer SCM (Single Chip Micyoco) control/PLC control , single workpiece/double workpiece unit, etc.

Low-emission hollow-plated glass technology and product
Contact information:
NO.397,Hanjiang Road, New District,Changzhou,213022 Jiangsu Pro. China[213002]
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