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Founded in 2000 and located in Zhuanghe of Liaoning province, Dalian Yongxu Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a private company of limited liability with formal area of 35000sq.m, workshop area of 9000sq.m, total assets of RMB45 million and 180 staffs including 35 engineering technical personnel. The leading products are double 1200 HYA local communication cable. The annual productivity of the communication cable is double 1,000,000 kilometers. In 2005, the sales revenue meets RMB 85 million and the profit and tax is RMB9.3 million. It's a modern communication cable manufacturer with high technology.

  With a complete set of strict quality guarantee system, the company has already got ISO9001 Quality System Certificate and TLC Product Certificate. In March 2005, the company signed long-term supply cooperative agreement with Dalian Heavy Industry and Lifting Group with the support of relevant leaders of Dalian government. According to the actual human resources and fund situation, following the increasing of the demand of shipboard cable, rubber sleeve cable of heavy machinery and mining machinery, the company plans to develop shipboard & rubber sleeve cable.

  In July 2005, the company expropriated 150Mu in Dalian Huayuankou Industrial Garden for the construction of shipboard & rubber sleeve cable production line. The first stage construction plans to invest RMB39 million including capital assets of RMB29 million and current capital of RMB10 million. Introducing national advanced equipments, the project will bring a capacity for shipboard & rubber sleeve cable of RMB120 million, 300 employed positions and new profits and tax of RMB15.5 million. The project will be completed on June 2006. The quality of products reaches international advanced level (IEC Standard). The specifications can be divided into shipboard power cable, shipboard control cable, shipboard communication cable, shipboard signal cable, shipboard radio frequency cable and rubber sleeve cable of heavy machinery manufacturers and mining machinery.

Until the end of April 2006, the project has already finished a civil building area of 11,300sq.m (basic establishment construction: civil engineer, water supply &sewage engineering, heating engineering, power supply engineering, etc.), civil building & base investment of RMB16.5 million, equipment investment of RMB9.1 million and cost of capital in construction period of RMB1.1 million. Now the accumulative investment of the company has reached RMB26.7 million and 92% of the project image engineering has been finished. The company has already been equipped with production conditions.
  Dalian government and Liaoning provincial government have paid more attentions to the construction of Dalian Huayuankou Industrial Garden. Mayor Xia Taoren and Vice-governor Li Wancai had separately visited the locale of shipboard & rubber sleeve cable production line on May 5th 2006 and May 12th 2006, they had both appraised the new pro
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