Dongying Suheng Valve Machinery Co., Ltd

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Dongying Suheng Valve Machinery Co., Ltd./Dongying Hengsheng Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a enterprise of technique gathers research and product for the integral, with a tube piece that produce the professional usages, such as in keeping with petroleum, chemical engineering and metallurgy...etc., the share system business enterprise that take agriculture machine accessories, the stainless steel parts etc. as to assist. Currently the product includes the senior high school presses a tube of valve piece, the oil spirit to drill to adopt, the oil spirit gathers to lose to drain, metallurgy chemical engineering, the natural gas appropriation etc. five greatest series of product structure. The product was used for the realms, such as petroleum, chemical engineering, electric power, metallurgy, light work, building and machinery...etc. extensively.
 The business enterprise passed the GB/ T19002 and the ISO9002 national and international quantity system attestations in 1999, American Petroleum Institute attestation of API.
 The company principle-" beg the prestige with the quantity, is create by science and technology performance", " satisfy the customer demand whole heartedly, serve for the customer with all sincerity " .
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shandong dongying wenhui Industry garden[257097]
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