Eurasia Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Eurasia Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on 13 February, 2007 and specialize in exporting Drilling Rig Equipments and providing petroleum engineering technical services. Our company has strong market development capabilities, especially in Central Asia and Russia market. With a combination of petroleum technology resource and market in Central Asia and China, we could provide the whole equipment and program to meet the market and customers.

The production base of Eurasia Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd is situated in Tianjin Baodi Economic Development Area with 60596 square meters land, over 200000 square meters workshop and perfect workshop and housing equipments. We could provide drilling and oil recovery equipment for exploration and development at oil and gas field and technical service such as drilling, logging, well test perforation and so on.

We are the supplier for drilling equipment and solution in oil and gas industry and is dedicateing to providing the highest quality products and services.
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tianjin city[100022]
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