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Create: 23 Sep 2009     Update: 23 Sep 2009
Our company (Origal: Wan Tong Oil Equipments Co., Ltd.)special business to the all kinds of good trademark the Oil-fulling Dispenser with Tɑx Control,import,internal Internal Fuel Dispenser Energy Conservation Parts(have all of the kinds),and all the kind of Fuel Dispenser tap,OPW Fuel Dispenser tap,stretch breaking gate,cut breaking gate.All kinds of Gear pump,Tooth Profile for the Circle-arc-cycloidal Gear Oil Pump, Self-priming Centrifugal Pump.All kinds of Flowmeter,Oil Resistant ,acid/alkali-resistant pipe,Metal Collapsible Tube and changeable diameter joint and Ball Valve,Valve,Oil Storage Vessels,
tanker,level meters ,high-strength felt blanket , Boom,Oil Spill Pollution,Explosion-poof Lɑmps Applied ,fan,cable, static testing system,oil-ware,oil metering station,Fittings Installation(Breather Valve control fire,oil metering, Air- foam produrer)and so on. LPG Dispenser and establishing the project of gas stations. Special mending,installation,adjustment to Metering Error the Oil Refueling Pump .Connecting the small oil ware,desiding the oil station,Installation,mending.And business the import equipments,American Tooth Profile for the Circle-arc-cycloidal Gear Oil Pump,Centrifugal Pump,meter Pump,LC Flowmeter,Fuel Dispenser tap,multi-axis bond fixation,oil submersible Pump,Japanese Flowmeter,Diaphragm Pump .
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No.6-7,XinJiaoZhong RD HaiZhu District,GuangZhou City [510230]
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