Hilong Group of Companies (the group)

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As a large conglomerate specialized in petroleum and natural gas industry, Hilong Group of Companies (the group) locates in Hilong Industrial Park, Baoshan, Shanghai, with its production companies in Yangtze River Delta around Shanghai, its several production bases of different categories in North China, Northwest, and its investment and trading headquarter in CBD Beijing taking charge of the petroleum investment, global trading, and cooperative activities.
The business of the group covers petroleum, steel, chemical, petroleum equipment, storage and logistics, petroleum tubular research and development, and several fields including production and processing of petroleum tubular, petroleum equipment and precision instrument, coating and internal and external anti-corrosion treatments of tubular and equipment, production of coating materials and other petro-chemical materials, inspection in petroleum tubular, research and development of proprietary products, and etc. Its product category consists of drilling tools including petroleum drill pipe, drill collar, and heavy weight drill pipe, tubing and casing, pipeline, special coating material, precision instrument, as well as various petroleum drilling and exploration equipments.
During the long-term service in petroleum and natural gas industry, the group has established firmed cooperation relationships with the top three petroleum companies in China, CNPC, Sinopec, and CNOOC, and become one of their key product and service suppliers. In addition, the group has set up partnership with these three oil companies in many areas to work closer and better.
Further, the group also serves international market and clients with its high quality products. Along with its local well-known petroleum service partner, the group has formed production base and sales network at international key petroleum origins, such as Mid East and North America, to better serve each large international petroleum company. As a result, the group has been given numerous creditability and support, as well as decent international reputation.
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1825, Luodong Rd., Baoshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China[200949]
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