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Jiangsu Petroleum Company Limited, double-xin,Located in Jiangsu Province is known as the breadbasket Jianyang Jianhu County Industrial Park,Petrochemical production is professional equipment of private enterprises。Existing staff of 368 people,42 engineering and technical personnel。The company is the China National Petroleum Corporation and oil company shares in the supply of oil drilling and production accessories level members of the network unit,China's oil supplies also members of the network equipment export unit。The company has a sound quality management and quality assurance system,Measuring physical and chemical testing and fully-equipped test,To meet API production。1997 passed ISO9002 international quality system certification,2003 was the American Petroleum Institute API-6A certificate (6 A-0644), API-16C (16C - 0034) certificate。

Company products strictly enforce standards of the American Petroleum Institute API,Major oil products (gas) wellhead equipment、Thermal recovery wellhead equipment、Eccentric test wellhead equipment、Meeting of the drilling fluid、The killing of expenditure、Mud valve、Laser slotted tube sand control、Tablet valve、Wellhead valve、High-pressure oil azelaic、Accessories such as pumping unit。The company is committed to research and development of new products、New technologies and the use of new technology,Self has developed a series of metal seal Z23Y slurry valve in May 2002 certificate patented (patent number: ZL 01 2 33378.6),Conservation-oriented wing valve seat valve in the 2003 September patented certificate (Patent No.: ZL 02 2 64512.8)。

Domestic companies selling products over the years in Xinjiang and the victories, Changqing, Qinghai, Chittagong, Daqing, such as Oilfield in Turpan - Hami, supporting exports Canada, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Jordan and other countries 。

Jiangsu double-hsin petroleum machinery Limited warmly welcomes domestic and overseas companies to explore the modern enterprise management system and development of oil drilling and production machinery technology,The "people-oriented, high-quality credit, customer satisfaction, double-hsin is the pursuit of" under the guidance of the spirit of enterprise。 

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Jianyang Jianhu County Industrial Park[224700]
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