Jiangsu Shined Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

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Jiangsu Shined Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing CO.,LTD investment of 47 million US dollars,occupying an area of about 160 000 m2 and boasting with such machinery as hot treatment modifying production line,upsetting production lines,threading production lines,friction welding production line and imported inspection line  
.SHINED’S main products are the finished drill pipe (OD<=5〞)and full range of oil pipe,casing and premium(OD<=13-3/8〞).SHINED is designed to produce 150 000MT annually while achieving a production value of 260 million US dollars.As early as at the benning of its foundation,SHINED was active in applying for the certificates of API SPEC 5CT,API SPEC 5D and API SPEC 7,whose management is strictly conducted ass.to API Q1.SHINED starts at a bigher point,Shined would like to serve all the international customers with high and strict technical requirements.
Changzhou Darun Steel Tube Co., LTD
  In April2002,Changzhou Darun Steel Tube Co.,LTD invested 10million US dollars and established With an area of 67000m2,Darun owns Ф100 159 hot rolling production line ang the finishing mill units like 120T,75T ang 45T.Its desingned production capacity is 200 000MT.In2004,Darun tackled into the field of oil pipes and obtained API 5CT-0704 and API 5L-0520.Part of its oil pipes are supplied directly to the oil field in China,part after processing are distributed to the countries like Anerica and Canada.Now,Darun annually prodce 100 000MT oil pipes.(detail is under of this page)
Changzhou Xingyu Steel Factory
  With the steelmaking equipments-two sets of 30T electrical furnaces,external refining equipment and I set of Ф650 rollig machine,Xinyu annually produces 200 000MT billets.
Changzhou Steel Pipe Factory
  In 1983,Changzhou Steel Pipe Factory (With over 20 year’s experience in this field )established. With 3 hot rolling production lines and a couple of cold-drawn production lines,Changzhou Steel Pipe Factory to annually produce 100 000MT boiler seamless steel pipes(0D<=89mm).From2007,its annual production capacity is extended to 150 000MT when its Ф180 hot rolling machine comes into use.
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