Laizhou Meizhong Petroleum Mining Machinery Co., Ltd

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Laizhou Meizhong Petroleum Mining Machinery Co., Ltd, many years to now, according to the demand of subterranean oil extraction at oil field of both inside and outside of China,synthesizes the advanced arts and crafts of various companies, researches and manufactures entirely-weld-type V-form stainless steel wires(1cr18ni9ti)reel-mingling-type sandproof sift-tubes. They are widely used for sandproofing the gravel-stuffing process ofland oil and gas well、on-the-sea oil and gas well、water well、smoke-annotationwell. They are also used for filtration equipment of different specifications such as petroleum refinery、chemical industry、metallurgy、weaving printing and dyeing、paper making、foodstuff、beverage、environment-protection.They possess the characterics of strong structure、anticorrosive、high intension of antipulling andaniextrusion.The high-efficient big stream-path and single-plunger double-function oil well pump manufactured by us have obtained the national patents.In the circumstances of non-adding any load, through several years of application at oil fields, the fluid-collection volume has been increased by 18% and 60% respectively. We are dertermined to win the market by advanced manufacturing equipments、scienfitic processing arts、high technique、modern administration system、flexible policy of sales、excellent after-sales services.
    Enterprises have already passed the quality system authentication of American Petroleum Society API and ISO19001-2000 edition . Exemplary type enterprise run by the local people of abiding by the contract , keeping prestige , gold trader that protects shield etc.. President's general manager warmlies welcome Chinese and foreign travelling traders to Company to act as a guest , instruct working。
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yunfeng road 2,laizhou city[261400]
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