Langfang Hexing Petroleum Equipment Co.,LTD

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Our company is the first grade internet manufacture of China National Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation, the energy NO.1 network member unit. It is located in Wanzhuang petroleum base,Langfang city,Hebei Province, neighboring beijing and tianjin.
  The main products:HJC-50DⅢ、HJC-70D motor steel cable work, Drilling gas-liquid separator igniter,HZCQ240F Mud vacuum degasifer, Drilling gas-liquid separator ,closed – end Well Device,Rig mat, KHS62/32-14A 25 Double swing Eccentric Center Wellhead Assembly,51/2"、7"、95/8"、104/6"、113/8" paceaged casing pipe thread, H200SB240-34A modern Sand Pump, KY/250-65 X-mas tree,ZJGH-350 Mud Pipe, NJB7.5/700-W Mud Agitator,and other drilling & extracting parts.The main equipment:CQ250 Spherical Turning Lathe,CA6163 & C6140 Turning Lathe,SI-325 NC Lathe, XA5032A Vertical miller,T4163A Jig Boring machine,B665 Shaping machine,B5032 Slotter and XZ7-400 DC Welder.
The company has about 60 engineers and technicians.The annual output of HJC-50DⅢ、HJC-70D motor steel cable work is 280 sets, Drilling gas-liquid separator igniter is 200 sets, HZCQ240F Mud vacuum degasifer is 200 sets, Drilling gas-liquid separator is 80 sets,Rig mat is 20000 square, KHS62/32-14A 25 Double swing Eccentric Center Wellhead Assembly is 300 sets, logging tools is 60 sets, Z43H-250-65 Valve is 500 sets, X-mas tree is 100 sets,Mud Pipe is 60 sets , paceaged casing pipe thread is 300 sets and so on..
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Wanzhuang Oilbase, Langfang City, Hebei Province[0]
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