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Liaoning Huarong heavy industry machinery Co.,Ltd is located in An steel capital of china.Is the provincial high-tech enterprises,the inspection-free enterprise of provincial.Industrial and commercial bureau is material purchasing DianShangWang certified suppliers sinopec,petrochina energy ahead (member Numbers:MM09988070604)members.With years of production process of carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel products,3 million tons
    The company′s main business is as follows
一.  Design and manufactur for high pressure vessel(A1),the third class low & medium pressure vessel(A2)spherical tanks(A3),such as various of heat exchanger,storage and shipment tanks,separator ,tower,agitating equipment,spherical tanks fit-up welding at site and sheet of spherical shell manufactured.(Design license Number:TS1210452-2012.Manufacturing licence Number:TS2210479-2011).
二. Heavy-duty facilities and products :500-1000T oil press,50-170mm hydraulic plate bender for cool rolling and various of steel structure kiln (with independent intellectual property authority)
三. Patent products:
A:Coking industry:Gasification condensation installation spray saturator,the sulfur melting kettle.
B:Petrochemical industry:portable-type oil and gas separation installation.
C:General machinery:Desktop fettling machine,drain out by electric temperature control automaticall.Compressed gas dredge facility.The company’s mainly facilities:500T,1500T oilpress(1 set repectively)4.5×4.5×25m electric heating heat treatment(1 set),12m milling machine (1 set),2100×100 hydraulic plate bender(1 set),3250×170 hydraulic plate bender(1 set).(The max capability is 100mm and 170mm for cool rolling and hot rolling respectively).200T double beam bridge crane(1 set)50T,32T,20T bridge crane(2/3  2 sets respectively)400T,200T.Automatic frequency converted rotating stations(2 sets respectively),hydraulic pipe expander(2 sets)
    Main welding machine:Submerged arc welding machine (7 sets)double wire automatic welding machine (1 set),automatic build-up welding machine and narrow gap automatic welding machine (1 set respectively),there are more than 200 sets of other automatic,semiautomatic,manual welding facilities.
      Main test equipment :r-ray(3 sets),x-ray(9 sets),physical and chemical testing machine(1 set respectively)
      The full manufacturing procedure of production is controlled by advanced computer managing system,through the control for consumption of raw material,fabrication schedule and the product quality in each working procedure,The quality of product improved effectively and the delivery time be assured also.
      The company has an rich experience on dealing with cool and hot process for carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless stell and heat-resitant steel etc.has the leading position in domestic industry,also has 3/3 the very strong capability in economy and technology to contract to do a  big project and manufacture complete sets of equipment for domestic a
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1 number of high An Shan City newly developed area (Xi Qu) friendship road[0]
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