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SMC ASIA GAS SYSTEMS CO.,LTD - CHENGDU(SMC), a subsidiary company of U.S. INNOVATIVE GAS SYSTEMS (IGS), was established in year 1995, manufacturing PSA nitrogen generators, Membrane nitrogen generators and PSA oxygen generators.
IGS is a global corporation promoting non-cryogenic gas separation, specialized in the design, production and sales of various gas separation systems and the lending of gas generation systems, holding almost 100 patents of N2 PSA, O2 PSA, O2 VPSA and N2 Membrane.  In 2007, the group turnover was about USD200,000,000.00.
Benefited from the IGS group's highly innovative support, SMC has become a centre of excellent engineering and reliable equipment supplier. The headquarter of SMC is located in Shuangliu Aviation Harbor, only 5 minutes far away from Chengdu Airport. The company also sets up agencies and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Taiwan.
SMC's well proven nitrogen generators are continuously upgraded based on the field feedback we got and the results proven in our R&D department. All products are made of high standards and SMC has passed approval of ISO9001:2000, CE and GOST.
SMC is looking forward to serving you...
Contact information:
? P.O. Box 9, Shunfeng Road., Shuangliu Aviation Harbor,Chendgu[610225]
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