Shandong Luhai Drilling & Production Technology Co., Ltd

Create: 27 Aug 2009     Update: 27 Aug 2009
Shandong Luhai Drilling & Production Technology Co., Ltd. locating in Shengli oilfield is one of the largest professional drilling mud chemical manufacturers in China, which has formed a high-tech enterprise with complete line of production, developing and researching.
Our company has a strong drilling mud technical service team made by drilling fluid experts. The team provides drilling fluid technical service, technical guidance of drilling fluid system, new product compatibility experiments and so on. Experiencing many years, technical staff developed large-scale drilling fluid rheology laboratory equipment. The equipment has been applied for national patents and approved to customers.
The company developed seven series of products as Thinner Series, Viscosifier series, Filtrater Reducer Series, Anti-sloughing Series, Lubricant Series, Defoamer Series, Formation Protective Series, which are quite welcome by the consumers.
We have wined the markets trust, and acquired many honor titles: Quality Trustworthy Organization, Shandong Contract Abiding and Product Trustworthy Business Enterprise, Shandong Safety Production License, and ISO9001 international quality system certification, also in the process of applying for API system certificates and we are establishing R & D center now.

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No.19,Bei 2 road,Dongying City,Shandong Province China [257508]
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