Shandong Qilu Petrochemical Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited

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Shandong Qilu Petrochemical Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited (formerly China Petrochemical Group Qilu Petrochemical Company Machinery Plant), built in 1973, is a concentration of manufacturing pressure vessels, cold Xuanya letters Tau, the railway tankers system repair, diesel repair, plastic molding processing, petrochemical backbone for the integration of mechanical manufacturing enterprises, My main pressure is cold Xuanya sealed containers and one of the first production base.     
Companies located in the birthplace of the world football, historic city states commands -- linzi the existing staff of 800 people, more than 200 types of professional and technical personnel, including senior title 30, 90-title; Company fixed assets 1.83 billion factory district covers 450 I mu, building area of 120,000 square metres; Advanced technology and equipment, strong technical force, has closed the first German imports Xuanya units, volumes of equipment, welding equipment and the advanced processing equipment, without detection and physical test equipment, and large computer controlling Tuihuolu, motorcycle repair and pilot specialized equipment, railway tanker overhaul production lines and has strong integrated production strength. Currently, the production of pressure vessels, 5000 tons; Carson closed the first 3,000 tons of cold; 1000 Taiwan railway tanker repair; Motorcycle repair 20 vehicles; Processing capacity of 100 sets of plastic components. Investment-equipment production capacity is being expanded further develop core business, getting other business expansion, to the formation of scale, intensive production pattern.
We would like to reliable quality, and scientific management and good reputation, and commitment to providing first-class customer service.
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Company address : xinhua road 1st linzi district Sim [255400]
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