Shanghai Donghuang Forging Co., Ltd

Create: 30 Dec 2009     Update: 30 Dec 2009
Shanghai Donghuang Forging Co., Ltd belongs to medium-size enterprise of Chinese mechanical industry, primarily producing flange, wind generator unit flange, pipe sheet, forged piece, ring piece, gear ring, slewing bearing ring and valve, our company has 20-year production experience, the factory building covers an area of 16000m2, 150 employees are working in our company (including 3 senior engineers, 6 engineers and 20 professional technician), our company has comprehensive technology, advanced processing technology and complete detection means, so we can forge the products made of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel with forming diameter less than 6000mm, finished weight less than 15000Kg; moreover, our company can customize non-standard products made of different materials according to customer requirements; our company has the operation strength integrating raw material procurement, forging, heat treatment, machining, quality inspection, mechanical typing, package and shipment; in recent years, 
our company has completed large-scale equipment replacement. We have made specific principle and policy complying with national energy savings and pollutant reductions and greatly promoted production scale of wind generator unit flange and large gear ring, indicating Shanghai Donghuang Forging Co., Ltd has entered a brand-new production field and will surely have wider market. Shanghai Donghuang Co., Ltd has been developed rapidly in recent years, generating favorable social benefits, especially the wind generator unit flange and large gear ring forged piece have replaced the imported products and reached international advanced level, solving the problem of localization of integral forging of large forced piece and greatly promoting development of national industry.

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shanghaishi putuoqu taopulu 226hao zongbudash[200333]
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