Shanghai Zhongyi Petroleum Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Create: 15 Sep 2009     Update: 15 Sep 2009
Shanghai Zhongyi Petroleum Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company cooperated with Italy Nuovo Pignone and uses technique approved by the State Committee of Economy and Trading, it specialized in design, manufacturing and trading of high-grade tax-monitored fuel dispensers with advanced characteristics and good quality, being first in China using the internationally advanced technique of computerized metering fuel dispensers.

    Shanghai Zhongyi Petroleum Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides tax-monitored fuel dispensers, management system of gas station, intelligent (IC card) system, oil level monitors of tanks, and services of serialized equipment of modern filling station for customers home and aboard. A good cooperation has been established between the company and “sinopec”、“China Petroleum”and customs all over China.

To integrate the newest technique in the region of fueling machine with Shanghai’s Zhongyi’s technique is the aim of Shanghai Zhongyi. Continual enhancement the power of the enterprise core, continual improving of the ability in competition in the market, continual pursuing after progress and innovation of products are the target of Shanghai Zhongyi. Shanghai Zhongyi is endeavoring for making China’s fueling machine be listed as the most advanced ones!

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