Sichuan Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Company

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Our company is built in 1953, whose predecessor is Chengdu General Machinery Works of Sichuan Petroleum Administration ,CNPC (GMW for short). Since December in 2004, GMW conducted a specialized reorganization with nine units subordinate to CNPC Sichuan Petroleum including Nanchong Machinery Plant, Guanghan Drilling & Production Equipment Factory, Guanghan  Chemical Mechanical factory of International Engineering Company, Coring Center of Drilling & Production Technology Research Institute,  Northwest of Sichuan Mining Area Machinery Plant, Machinery Plant of Central Sichuan Oil & Gas Company, South Sichuan Mining Area Machinery Plant and Labor Service Company, etc.. In December of 2007, GMW was renamed Equipment Manufacturing Company of Sichuan Petroleum Administration. In 2008, company was assigned to Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company of CNPC, at the same time the company was renamed Equipment Manufacturing Company of Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company. The company has a staff of 2,500 technicians and workers; capital asserts has reached 650 million RMB.
    The products of our company can be classified into eight types: drill bit, drill pump, well control equipment, wellhead assembly, drilling & production tool, cement & control equipment, vehicles special for oil field, and truck-mounted drilling (workover) rig. Since 1965, we have been the one and only appointed enterprise which produced Transtone brand tri-cone roller bit of CNPC. We have a CAD/CAPP design system of tri-cone roller bit with independent intellectual property right. Domestic market occupancy has reached to 30%. Tri-cone drill bit had sequently received national silver medal, Sichuan’s famous brand name and high quality product of CNPC. 105Mpa level BOP, the first one at home, was developed successfully by our company. Gas production wellhead and casing head are used reliably in high pressure, high sour area, such as Sichuan, Chongqing and Tarim. We are still getting rid of the stale and bringing forth the fresh with the cement & control device and speical vehicles.
  Company combines chinese traditional culture and modern management method: using culture to build and shape a good atmosphere and then using this atmosphere to manage people; utilizing system to regulate institutions and thus utilizing institutions to manage business. The whole staff are inspired by shared vision--- leading technical standard, high per-capita production value and best treatment of employees. In pursuit of sustainable improvement, company has passed the safe management system certification of quality, safety, environment and health, such as API, ISO9001, ISO/IEC17025 and HSE, etc.
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No. 5, ErXianQiao Road (west), Chenghua District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, P.R.C[0]
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