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Tai'an Jinhai Dongshan Equipment Co.,Ltd.(formerly Tai'an Jinhai Experimental Equipment Factory) is specialized in the research,manufacture and sale of fuel injection pump test bench. The fixed assets of company are more than 3 millions. It has more than 80 employees and more than 10 of them are skilled workers.The annual productivity of  the company is 500 fuel injection pump test benches, over 200 nozzle testers, over 10 thousand hole-plate standard injectors and spindle-needle standard injectors which are used for test bench.It  also supplies related test bench accessories,lifters,balancing machine,pump and  nozzles. Our products are widely used by fuel injection pump & nozzles manufacturers and large-medium sized maintenance stations which serve automobile maintenance,engineering machinery and marine machinery,etc..Our comprehensive economic benefits indicator keeps ahead in the industry.
    1. We adopt frequency and velocity tuning which are advanced techniques in1990s in the world, hi-capability inverter, hi-reliability, ultra-low-noise, perfect linear velocity tuning, and perfect auto-protecting function.
    2.The electric motor and workbench incorporated,hi-constructional precision, electric motor directly output, hi-output power, low-electricity startup, energy saving and hi-efficiency, stable and reliable rotate speed, hi-testing precision
    3. Positive and negative rotate speed 0-4000 rpm/min pre-setting arbitrarily. Rotate speed, Temperature control, Count, pressure, advance angle all screen display or digital display
    4. Widely chose for consumers with series Products. Testing bench can be divided into many models based on its functions: JHDS-1 programmable controllers model, JHDS-2 fissional work station model, JHDS-3 screen &digital display model, JHDS-4 digital instrument model, JHDS-5 incorporated workstation model, every model has four power standards: 5.5 KW, 7.5 KW, 11 KW, 15 KW, 18.5KW, 22KW. And we can make 30-45kw type per customer’s special order.
    5. Produce hole—plate standard injectors and spindle-needle standard injectors, injector nozzle testers. Supply the maintenance services of standard injectors
    6. Producing special dismounting tools for various pumps, special clamping tools and accessories of test bench, and parts of pumps and nozzles.
    7. Producing various test benches for 3 coupling-parts and engine oil pump, and auto lifter and balancing machine for auto repairing.
    Our products sell well all over the provinces, cities, municipalities and export t Asia, America, Africa, etc, covering more than 30 countries and areas.

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Southwest Part of Panhe Avenue Taian City Shandong Province China[0]
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