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Create: 14 Jul 2009     Update: 15 Jul 2009
The world leads to petroleum machinofacture Ltd. be located in to having "the acient prefecture the Han and Tang dynasty" usually the history culture fitting of "Huai Hai area " ancient city Tai Zhou City. Plain , the environment are graceful in Tai Zhou City field place Su; Adjacent Ning is through , Beijing Shanghai-Nanjing, salt high speed , traffic are very convenient and rapid.

      The enterprise beginning is built getting through ten several years of effort thereupon in 1994, having developed be 40000 square metres take up area, 30000 square metres the above heavy section of workshop building makes a company , the company now has staff and worker more than 300 people , technician 136 people among them , high-grade technician 26 people; Fixed assets already amounts to more than 6000 yuan.

      The company produces now being two parts mark, one: New upper petroleum boring bar connection company connection production line it’s handicraft and technology in the homeland is in the lead , connection annual output may amount to 100,000 pair, finished product connection 50,000 couple of all above, the forming a complete set , part producing a manufacturer export the main and domestic boring bar of product; Two: The numerical control series milling machine, processes a centre , the mould , the model put up , the design that the mould standard piece , the forge , large-scale mistake bid model put up waiting makes;

      The company pursues "quality first all along for many years, clients first " managing idea, the product is advanced civilization of Tai Zhou City by the fact that ISO9001 international quality system certification , enterprise are judged in the successive years; Many times is judged attach most importance to contract trustworthy enterprise.

      The world exchanges the entire employee of company here, giving presence of the old and new customer a cordial welcome patronizing , hopes the better future cooperating with the general public , establishing together sincerely!

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18 numbers of Jiangsu Tai Zhou City west cutting edge roa[225300]
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