TianJin Changlong LPG Equipment Factory

Create: 22 Sep 2009     Update: 22 Sep 2009
TianJin Changlong LPG Equipment Factory is the made of fill LPG transportation equipment,test steel bottle equipment,clean steel bottle equipment,pipe transportation in China.

Our Factory's LPG was been for the country new product by the"technology committee","labour department"、"technology supervise department of China"...etc.The product represents the Chinese technique current with predominant local market, possess the good prestige.My factory provides the equipments of the superior quality for the ustomer with all sincerity with the all-directions service

The product is sell to Beijing ,Shanghai ,Tianjin ,Shenyang ,Nanjing ,Hangzhou , Ningbo,Xiamen ,Foshan ,Shenzhen ,Kunming..etc.
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Tianjin Beichen Dist Wangnanping [300406]
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