Tianjin PUYOU Mech. & Elec. Equipment MFG. CO., LTD

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    Tianjin PUYOU Mech. & Elec. Equipment MFG. CO., LTD is a specialized factory designing and manufacturing submersible pumps, submersible motors and marine explosion-protected switchboards. It can also provide the special service of design, manufacture and maintenance of products according to clients’ needs.
Application fields:
  The products are widely utilized in fields of off-shore oil, channel dredge, marine engineering, environmental protection, municipal engineering, chemical industry and water-supply from mine districts, etc.
  On the purpose of fulfilling instantly clients’ requirements, depending on advanced management mode, PUYOU can make sure products of superior quality and service of high efficiency for clients. ”Making friends worldwide create bright career” is what PUYOU seeks for.
  PUYOU is one of the suppliers of China off-shore oil headquarter, the maintenance unit for off-shore oil marine products, maintenance unit pointed by national explosion-protected supervision center.
  It has the honor to win the ISO 9001 issued by DNV.
  PUYOU products win the certificates of type approval by China Classification Society(CCS), FM approval by USA Factory Mutual Research Corporation, the certificates of conformity for Explosion Protected Electrical Products(CQST), the CCC certificates, CNCF fire Test and explosion-protected. Test for the CPEC oil and chemical gas products.
   Our marketers will pay business visits to our clients periodically, consult for their suggestions and understand their various requirements. Meanwhile, it is available to give technical speeches and trainings to those who utilize and operate our products depending on our clients’ demands.
  PUYOU has established worldwide information system, such as e-mail, Internet, PUYOU net station computer special lines and information system specially owned by PUYOU corporation, which car bring us high efficiency and superior service throughout the whole marketing service activity by connection with each other.
After-sale service:
  With commitment to our clients, making our products better service them so as to successfully establish long-term cooperation, we will offer excellent after-sale service. To all the complaints and suggestions from clients, we will cope and reply timely, accurately, thoroughly.
Our service commitment:
1. We will give an answer to clients’ needs in 24 hours.
2. If clients propose the requirement that we pay a live service, we can arrive usually after 5 hours for Tianjin, while other districts between 34 and 36 hours.
3. If any quality problem emerges, we will cope with it on the basis of “solving at where it happens and everying in the interests of clients”.
  Our company gets possession of service employees, owns professional technical knowledge and full practical experience so could fulfill clients requirements and coordinate and connect timely to make sure the reliability of our products.
Contact information:
No.7 Beijing St.Jinnan Econic Development Area(West Area),Tianjin,P.R.China[300350]
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