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Tianjin RuiLing Automatic Engineering Co., Ltd is a high tech enterprise, offering integration services to automatic engineering project & system. It was set up in 1997, and its business includes R&D、designing、manufacturing、sale and service of automatic products, and R&D/applying of drive technology in petroleum、metallurgical industry. The main products are as follows: integrative electric driven control system、all-digital AC/DC electric driven control system、generating set control system、intelligent& automatic-driven system、electric anti-collision system、integrative instruments、MCC& television monitor system、smelting equipment(automatic control system of ferrous& non ferrous smelting) 、calendering equipment(reversible hot rolling mill/ reversible cold rolling mill/ continuous hot or cold rolling mill).After development of nearly 10years, RuiLing has become one of the most well-known domestic enterprises in this field.
Ruiling Ltd occupies the leading position in the area of VFD control system of deep-well rig. It produced the No.1 VFD control system of rig in China in 1997. Then it developed 700m-deep VFD control system in 2002, which made a great help in this industry. Its leading product- “All-integrated control system of electric driving rig” is now widely applied to the manufacturing of rig, which is very useful when explorating & extracting petroleum/ natural gas. RuiLing’s cooperative ventures are international famous ones: Siemens、ABB、Schneider、Honeywell International Inc、National Oil Well、B&R, etc. The cooperation with Siemens is especially good. Siemens authorized RuiLing its System Integration Business in 1999.
Based on its fast development, RuiLing’s services in the field of mNetallurgical electric automation are also well received by customers. Providing sets of band-steel production line、wire rod coil production line、steel pine production line、blast furnace、converter, etc.
At present, RuiLing has completed more than 100 sets of electric automatic programs! Its business covers Northeast China、North China、Northwest China、East China、Central China, etc and also finds its market abroad, such as Middle East、Central Africa、Southeast Asia and U.S.A. RuiLing has become the trustworthy cooperative venture of many corporations such as,  CNPC、Sinopec Group、CNOOC、CGWIC.
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No.16 Dida Industrial Park, No.39 Yijing Avenue, Dongli Development Area, Tianjin, China[300300]
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