Tonghua Yida Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Tonghua VTech Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the Chinese city of Tonghua, Jilin Province, is in the same province in 2000 under the Enterprise - Tonghua Mining Machinery Plant restructured on the basis of the establishment of the oil-drilling equipment research and development, production and manufacturing in one professional company. China National Petroleum Corporation is a member units supply network.

Tonghua VTech Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. 320 employees, specializes in research and development of oil drilling equipment of the eight engineering and technical personnel, including four senior titles, in the beginning of China's reform and opening up of the former Ministry of Oil Development organized by the Division for the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technology from abroad to fill the gaps in the project played a key role in China's oil drilling tools product development designers, is China's petroleum industry-standard tool for the preparation of people. At present, the company has applied to the production of oil drilling, test oil production, workover operations need tools downhole and surface 12 categories, more than 130 varieties, more than 1,000 specifications.

Tonghua VTech Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. has strong manufacturing capacity, equipped with steel casting, forging, metalworking, Liu Han, heat treatment plant, the largest processing 3,500 mm, maximum length of 12 m processing and heat treatment equipment for reliable quality.
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Tonghua City, Wen Sheng Alley[134001]
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