Tuha Oilfield Company Machinery Plant

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Set up in 1961, with more than 40 years history, CNPC TuHa Petroleum Machinery Plant whose predecessor is Yumen Petroleum Bureau No.2 Petroleum Machinery Plant, had moved to Hami, Xinjiang and changed to this name since being merged into TuHa oilfiled in 1995, which belongs to TuHa Oilfield Company。
The factory locates in Chinese west, situated in industry district of petroleum base in Hami, Xinjiang, is 10 kilometers away from urban areas, 6 kilometers away from Hami railway station on Lan-Xin railway, is 650m away from the 312 national highway.
Hami, as the eastern gate of Xinjiang, is the connection between mid, east, south region, and west region in our country, and it is also the important passage to go to mid-Asia, and has extensive market space due to convenient traffic.
The factory covers an area of 460,000 m2 , while the building area is 66,000 m2.
Encircled by green trees, crisscrossed with flowers and grasses, its environment is pleasant.
Original value of fixed assets is 24 million yuan, production total more than 10 thousand tons, with 1200 sets universal and specialized equipments, 140 professional technicians.
The leading operation of our company is machinery manufacturing, combinedwith maintenance and repair of oilfield power-equipments. Now we are one of the biggest manufacturing company of petroleum equipments in northwestern China.

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