WenZhou LongWan BaDa Machine Factory

Create: 04 Feb 2010     Update: 04 Feb 2010
WenZhou LongWan BaDa Machine Factory is a professional nozzle
manufacturer. The “BaDa” product is appraised as a high-quality complete set
product by GuangZhou HengShan Machinery CO. LTD in 2001. Our products are
widely used in nozzle machinery in over ten manufacturers of “HengShan”,
“ChangKong”, “TaiKong”, “RiYue” amongst others. They are exported to
Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia, The company was ISO compliant in 2000.
        In the last several years, we always take “Credit for reputation, Quality for
market, Service for clients, Innovation for development” as our aim to promote
our products. We also development a petroleum liquid gas nozzle and a
photoelectricity communication sender for nozzle machinery based on the same.
We warmly welcome any local or foreign friends to come and discuss possible
joint ventures.
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