Xi’an Exploring Machinery Factory

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Xi’an Exploring Machinery Factory was established in 1958, member of China Geo-Equipment Group, a enterpriser under the Shanxi Bureau of Geology & Minerals Exploration and Development.
Xi’an Exploring Machinery Factory mainly researches and produces equipments on high pressure grouting and foundation construction , these are its peculiar products , widely used on railway , highway ,pile foundation,geological disaster control, leakage protection on dam etc.
This factory frist developed grouting equipments in China . Type ZJB-30 high pressure grouting pump is named the title of “Chinese Famous Brand”, especially, great power AC variable-frequency technique and digital display technique applied in this pump,it is the most advanced equipment in China currently,also acquired the national patent. In recent years, this institute has developed XL-50 track type rotating-jet drill,XPZ-50 rotating-jet drill , NJ series mud mixer and drilling tools, is the most specialized factory to produce high pressure rotating-jet equipments.
Xi’an Exploring Machinery Factory has developed the CHZ series compulsory percussion drilling rigs.Because of its high efficiency and operation convenient,this type drilling rig successively used on a lot national major construction subjects,such as Xikang Railway,Qingzang Railway,Yuhuai Railway and Ningxi Railway etc, have already sold over thousand suits since 1997.
Recently, Xi’an Exploring Machinery Factory has developed some new products—type XY-44B core drilling rig and GXY-150 engineering drilling rig etc.
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