Zhuozhou Three Source Equipment Company

Create: 01 Feb 2010     Update: 01 Feb 2010
Zhuozhou Three Source Equipment Company is operating from three geophysical equipment to set up a joint unit, located in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, the company employees 166 people, all employees have the years of geophysical equipment related professional background, the college of education 80 percent.
Company's existing two plants, with advanced production equipment, computer CAD design, Main Light oil exploration drilling rig R & D and manufacturing, with a number of national patent products, some domestic product is the first. TSP Series main products are mountain rig, TST series cars loaded rig, FJ fire rescue vehicles; series of drill pipe, drill bit. Vast majority of products for export, mainly to India, Russia, Pakistan, Mongolia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. The company has complete quality assurance system and improve the service system, the service life of products, adhering to the "integrity, objectivity, innovation and development" concept, adherence to the "from customers, to customers in the country."
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Tongju Road,Shuangta District,Zhuozhou,Hebei[072750]
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